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Southside Digitale is a digital agency with offices in Florence, Italy and London, UK. We specialise in working with small to medium size business to improve their online presence, in order to generate more enquiries and revenue.

Web Design and Digital Transformation

We offer a range of services including web design, digital transformation, E-commerce, branding, SEO and marketing.
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Web Design

Beautiful Responsive Websites

We are WordPress customisation specialists. We can design or redesign your website to perform well in search engines in different countries.

Digital Transformation

Beautiful Responsive Websites

We provide consultancy and implementation services for the hospitality industry, to transform your business and make it compatible for easy and automated control over processes that require no human operators.


Sell your products online

We can help you step up your web shop or add products to your existing website. We can also add a wholesale/trade area and other customisations.
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Logos and Printwork

We can work with you to create the perfect logo, favicon and icon. We can also help you with any print work that you require.

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Rank as high as you can

We specialise in ranking websites high in google and other search engines. We will work with you to develop and implement an SEO strategy, test, review and improve in order to reach our targets.
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Promote your brand online

We offer social media marketing, ads and google ads consultancy to help build followers and create sales
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Website Hosting

Domain Names and Email Service

We can offer and advise what hosting you need for your website to be fast, secure. We can also maintain and update your website.

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Website Audits

Analyze your website

We offer comprehensive testing and audits of all aspects of website performance including SEO, ranking reports, speed reports and security audits.
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SEO Copywriting

Well written copy is so important

We have in-house SEO trained copy writers available to produce well written copy aimed at high rankings. We are also able to offer translation services for multilingual websites.

Why choose Southside Digitale

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